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The VW day van is an everyday vehicle for everyone to enjoy from a large family to ,childminders, builders, joiners, tilers, electricians etc .The volkswagen T5 transporter day van/camper is just a exceptional van for all different people. If you want a vehicle that does EVERYTHING! then a VW day van is the van to buy with its quick release seats its perfect for the weekly shop , if you go out for the day for a picnic with the Dog and the in laws or if someone wants something moving or collecting or if you fancy a sleepover on the beach , if you want to go on a Jolly outing with your children , if you want to take the Mountain bikes, Barbecue and the Swingball the transporter is the perfect van for everyone.

When the first Transporter was made 65 years ago, it succeeded in capturing both the imagination and needs of professionals. The Transporter continues this trend with different designs and model being made continuously by vw ,supported by clear contours and precise lines. Its interior is packed full of innovations and modern-day technology to assist your working day.

Here at http://woodysvans.com we can supply you with any volkswagen T5 van in any colour you desire either standard sporty or a fully converted  we work  along side our family business http://woodallbros.co.uk and with a small bespoke commercial van conversion company.

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